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How to Invest

MCT Malta Private Retirement Scheme

The original scheme and the first in Malta to be recognised as a QROPS.  This open architecture scheme can accommodate most common means of investing within Malta Retirement Scheme regulations.  US resident or taxpaying clients are permitted to join this scheme.

For example, in this scheme we have already placed investments with, among others:

Insurance Bonds

Including among others: Friends Provident; Skandia; Royal London 360ᴼ

Discretionary Fund Managers/Services

Including among others: Coutts; Brooks MacDonald; HSBC; Ravenscroft


Can be traded though Lombard Bank.


You can also choose to invest in funds using Platform One.

MCT Malet International Retirement Scheme

This Scheme has a low, yet completely transparent charging structure, combined with a choice of two regulated fund platforms.  This lends it for use in countries where disclosure of adviser remuneration, commissions and fund charges is mandatory (such as the UK).  With the recent announcements from the UK Financial Conduct Authority about banning of trail income from funds, this QROPS solution fits neatly into the way that advisers will be planning for the future.

The Malet Scheme is based around the principle of providing a Malta compliant Retirement Scheme; and within that exclusively offering a fund platform provided by Platform One and Mediterranean Bank.  These technologically advanced companies already have many UK, Malta and international adviser supporters.  With over 6,000 funds to choose from, plus equity, bond and cash holdings, it is unlikely that a client would want to invest in an asset class which isn't available.

Mediterranean Bank also provide pre-set, risk based fund portfolios, created and reviewed by Morningstar.

If you are considering the Malet scheme as an adviser or a direct client but you would like us to engage a third party to consider a fund choice to suit a risk profile and investment objective, please contact us.