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The scheme can invest in a wide range of assets, subject to the approval of the Retirement Scheme Trustee - MC Trustees (Malta) Limited.

If the member of a Retirement Scheme has been tax resident in the United Kingdom in any of the last 5 complete tax years we restrict the investments to those which we would permit in a UK Registered Pension Scheme.

After 5 complete UK tax years of non-residency the funds can be invested in other assets at the discretion of the Retirement Scheme Administrator.

We will not make any investments the purchase of which would trigger a tax charge from HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs).

The Scheme Bankers are Lombard Bank Malta PLC.

You can chose your own investment manager or adviser who must be regulated to an equivalent standard as in Malta.

Please note that the Trustee does not accept responsibility for the performance of any investment or liabilities associated with any investment.

The Trustee will monitor all investments so that the principles of prudence and diversification are adhered to in the exercise of its trusteeship obligations.  Your regulated Investment Manager and Adviser (if you have one) should help us with this information.

If you would like a specific Investment Manager to be appointed for your Individual Fund, please let us know.  An Investment Manager provides advice on the member’s assets in the retirement scheme but ultimate responsibility for ascertaining the suitability of the investment is vested with MC Trustees (Malta) Limited.