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How do I apply

Just contact us and we shall guide you. For application forms and other literature please go to the downloads section on this website.

If you are a financial adviser, approaching us for the first time, we shall send you some forms to apply for Terms of Business with us.

If you want to discuss or clarify anything please call our Malta office on +356 21 383 943 and speak to Alan, Neemita, Edward or Helen.

What is the application process?

You start by filling out the application form. We check this on receipt and send you any other forms we need to be completed. Please follow the requirements for verification of identity and address carefully. Anti Money Laundering and combatting terrorism requirements are taken extremely seriously in Malta and your help in assisting us with this will smooth the process. If you would like to find out what forms you need to complete, just give us a call or use the contact us page. Of course we are here to help you with the forms.

Is it possible to set up a QROPS Pension transfer myself?

Yes but you must appoint an investment advisor or a discretionary fund manager before you commence the application process.

What happens next?

Once we accept you as a client, we make an application for the pensions in the UK to be transferred. Sometimes the UK schemes ask you to fill out more papers to confirm the transfer. When the money arrives, you inform us of your wishes for the investments and we will invest the funds on your behalf. The whole process can be done within a month, if all goes well, but this can take over two months and sometimes longer.

How long does it take to set up a QROPS?

On receipt of the application pack we shall proceed with the transfer application within a couple of days. If the application is not fully completed or the transfer paperwork is unclear, this will cause a delay while we obtain the missing information. When we have submitted the transfer request we contact the transferring scheme and repeat this until the transfer funds arrive. At that stage we can then prepare the payment for any benefits you require and make the investments.