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Who we are

MC Trustees were the first to Register a Retirement Scheme in Malta as a QROPS - a pension suitable for expatriates from the UK or people who have earned a pension in the UK and now live abroad.

MC Trustees (Malta) Limited was set up as a part of a group of companies based in the United Kingdom who have been administering pensions since 1986.

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What we do

We operate Retirement Schemes in Malta which are also Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS).  To do this we provide the legal, reporting and administrative framework which enables individuals to benefit from their own pension scheme.

We pride ourselves on individual, economic and timely service.

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We are different

We are a pensions provider and administrator which does not additionally offer financial advice or sell other financial products.  We are truly independent and free of any potential conflict.

We provide a personal service and don't use automated phone systems, overseas call centres or other modern devices designed to irritate clients.

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UK Budget 8 March 2017

The budget introduced significant changes to the QROPS regime including a 25% overseas transfer charge on transfers out of UK schemes in certain circumstances.

MC Trustees (Malta) Limited will continue as a QROPS provider and has made the required undertaking to HMRC and it’s Schemes are contained in the HMRC list published on 18th April 2017.

Full guidance on the new regime can be found here.

Inflexible QROPS?  Transfer to us today for full benefit flexibility